Rental cars outside Muharraq airport


Practically everybody drives in Bahrain.

This is the form of transportation Bahrain is the most equipped for. Several car rental companies - from small to the larges international firms - are at present in Bahrain and the all offering very good services.

The charges are very from company to company. Unlimited mileage and insurance is generally included.

As a rough guide, the rental for one day is between BD 12 and BD 50 - depending on the car make and model. Renting a car for a week is somewhere between BD 60 and BD 280. Naturally if you rent for a month, the deal will be even better. Currency converter


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If you've never been exposed to roundabouts before, be warned they take a little getting used to! They are everywhere in Bahrain, so learn about them quickly. Vehicles already in the roundabout have right of way, so wait until it's safe to enter. Once you're in the roundabout, you can drive through at speed.

With Bahrain gaining in popularity as a tourist destination, many tour operators offer package deals with charter flights and hotel stay. Check with your travel agent, there are many good deals to be had.